Close up MagicClose-up magic is presented to small groups of people by a magician who carries everything he needs on him and who can move smoothly from one group or area to another, providing an unusual mobile entertainment service. This can be strolling magic/mix-and-mingle magic, or it can be table magic if the guests are seated at tables.

Because Iain works to small groups, he is able to involve his spectators completely, in a way that virtually no other form of entertainment can. Many people have never seen magic performed so close before and it is a source of enormous fascination and amusement.

Thank you so much for coming the event was a great success and everyone loved the magic, I had feedback from guests who were still trying to figure out your tricks on Friday!

Amy Wild – Finnair

Each group is treated to its own mini magic show. In Iain’s expert hands, cards, coins and other everyday objects do impossible things, right under the spectators’ noses and sometimes even in their own hands.

Close-up magic is suitable for people of all ages and interests, and for gatherings of practically any size. It requires no special staging, lighting or space; from the organiser’s point of view, a close-up magician is very low-maintenance!

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