Magic Lessons - Teaching Andrew FlintoffIf you’re a budding magician with a serious attitude to magic and a good work ethic, some magic lessons with Iain will bring you on in leaps and bounds. Practising by yourself is an essential part of being a good magician but, if you really want to improve, it’s also vital to have some input and guidance from an experienced mentor.

Iain can help you master moves and techniques from the most basic to the highest level. Beyond this, he can offer advice on psychology and presentation that will allow you to elicit much stronger reactions from the people watching your magic.

Over the years, Iain has taught and mentored many new magicians, of a variety of ages and abilities. He is widely acknowledged to be a patient, encouraging and effective teacher, who gives honest, constructive feedback and will go to any lengths to assist someone genuinely struggling.

We have rarely seen Sam so excited and pumped up after his session with you. So thank you hugely!

Kate – London

Iain’s most famous student to date has been legendary cricketer-turned-boxer Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff (see pic), who was challenged by Sky Sports to become a magician in a day. As well as being a really nice bloke, Freddie is a quick learner and soon picked up the tricks and ideas Iain taught him. Staff at the hotel where the teaching session was filmed were amazed when the Lancashire sportsman showed them a couple of nifty effects they couldn’t begin to explain.

If you’re interested in having some private tuition with Iain, please get in touch to discuss arrangements.

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