Mind MagicMind magic, or mentalism, is a different style of magic, made widely popular over recent years by Derren Brown. It has perhaps a more intellectual appeal than mainstream magic and, as is pointed out in this review of Derren’s Svengali show, there is always that slight grey area of doubt: can this person really read my mind?

Of course Iain is not psychic, any more than Derren Brown is – or, for that matter, Patrick Jane, TV’s The Mentalist – but he can give a disconcerting impression of being so. As Iain (apparently) predicts their behaviour, influences their decisions and causes solid objects to bend, your guests will be left with no other explanation than that this man has supernatural powers.

I would strongly recommend Iain Moran not just to tick a box but because he’s unassumingly cracking!

Liz Burns – NHS Drinking Responsibly Project

Mind Magic Entertainment

Mind magic is only suitable for quieter environments (no disco or rock band playing), where the participants are able to concentrate for a few minutes at a time without interruption. Given the right circumstances, Iain can mix in some mind magic with his other tricks and illusions. If you and your guests are particular fans of mentalism, Iain can do purely mind magic for your event, either walkaround or in a cabaret show.

If you’d like to experience Iain’s mind magic, just let him know.

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