Party MagicianMagic adds an extra – and increasingly fashionable – dimension to any party. Whether you are having an intimate dinner or a sprawling house party, a birthday bash, an engagement party or any other sort of celebration or get-together, Iain Moran’s close-up magic will enhance the occasion immeasurably.

Iain is friendly and polite but also considerate and discreet. He will not interrupt someone who is deep in serious conversation or trying to eat, he will not insult your guests in any way, he will not overshadow any other entertainment you have laid on. What Iain WILL do is perform incredible magic, involving everyone who wants to be involved, and give your party a warmth and stimulation that people will remember for many years to come.

Thank you so much for your incredible magic, you made my retirement party so special for my guests and myself. I have had a number of phone calls today thanking me for a smashing evening and praising your brilliant performance.

Judith Bernard – Whitefield

Party EntertainmentIf your guests don’t know each other very well, having Iain there performing magic, particularly at the beginning, can take the pressure off you. The magic gives them something to focus on and talk about and helps them to mix in (as well as blowing their minds!). If your guests have all known each other for years, having Iain there providing astonishment and amusement will be a breath of fresh air and set this party apart from past gatherings.

Iain’s magic is suitable for all ages. While Iain is not a children’s magician, his magic is easily understood by anyone over the age of about seven. He may even be persuaded to teach a simple trick or two, enabling his “student” to keep the magic going, long after he has left.

I booked Iain to entertain the guests at my sister’s 40th birthday party two years ago. I’ll be turning 40 myself next month and, since all our friends are still talking about Iain’s magic, I’ve been ‘forced’ to book him again!

Jo Fisher – Stockport

Party entertainment options

Most commonly, Iain is asked to provide one or both of these:

  • Mix and Mingle Magic
    This type of magic involves Iain moving around the room performing for four or five people at a time. Each group gets its own mini-show lasting from five to ten minutes. This provides an instant talking point for guests who may have only just met and who were perhaps previously engaged in awkward smalltalk. It’s an exciting way to experience magic because it takes place right under the spectators’ noses – in fact, Iain often makes the magic happen in their very own hands!
  • Table Show
    This is absolutely perfect for small parties of no more than 25 people. Your guests gather round a table and watch Iain perform a 30-minute show featuring world-class magic and lots of audience participation. Unlike with Mix and Mingle magic, each of your guests has the opportunity to see more than just two or three tricks – and of course you will be able to enjoy all of their amazed reactions!

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