Magicians face many challenges while performing, such as drunks, crowded rooms where guests are basically on top of you, know-it-alls, low lighting, waiters with trays of drinks, huge table decorations, etc, and there are ways around these issues. However, the worst situation is very noisy environments, where you simply just can’t be heard! 

It’s our job to grab people’s attention and wow them with some magic. It’s about connecting with the guests and giving them an experience they will hopefully remember. But if they can’t hear us, its simply impossible.

I was recently booked for a corporate event to perform during the drinks reception when the guests first arrived, as an ice-breaker. The client said there would also be a “crooner” providing a little “background music” during this period. Of course what I wasn’t expecting was for this person to have his PA System set so loud, it practically registered on the Richter Scale! This was a performer who clearly didn’t understand his brief and as a result not only were the guests unable to appreciate what I was doing, they couldn’t even talk to each other.

So if you’re booking a magician for your event, make the most out of them – allow your guests the opportunity to enjoy what they do by not drowning them out with loud music!
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