No less than eight top corporate close up magicians (including Iain) have got together to take YOU to the next level. Finally the secret is out!

Volume 1

Contents Include:

corporate-close-up1Arrival – Meet your hosts Harry Robson and Mike McClean as they discuss dealing with the client, how to get the staff on your side, and what to look for in the room that you’re about to work.

The Survival Kit – What to carry to your shows and why they’re so important….and we’re not talking about the magic!

Pocket Management – The Do’s and Don’ts that will make you magic that much slicker.

Approach – Learn just what to look for when approaching a group and spot the hidden tell tale signs of what makes a good and bad table.

Opening Effects – Making a great first impression. Now learn just what kind of effects work for our experts and why.

Iain Moran’s Ideal Opener – A fast and snappy, two signed card transposition and something that Iain uses as his opener at corporate events around the world.

Cold Cut Transpo – The brilliant routine form Shaun McCree which is fast and gets you ‘in’ with your group instantly. Fast and fantastic!

Interacting – The best way to interact with a group.

Gang of Four – Learn just why this is the perfect routine when working for larger groups.

Dealing with a No! – How to deal with rejection and make it turn to your advantage.

Mr. Dog’s Wibbly Wobbly – An easy to do routine that involves that whole table and uses an item you probably already own.
Bonus Feature – The Martin Sanderson Ambitious Card Routine.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 39min


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Volume 2

Contents Include:

corporate-close-up2The Client – What the person hiring you looks for.

Bottle Production – Harry Robson’s stunning finish to The Signed Card in Bottle! Amazing and a perfect for group performances.

Between Courses – When to perform and when not to perform that is the question!

How Many Tricks to Carry – What is the correct amount of effects needed to corporate strolling performances? We’ll reveal all!

Building a Group – How to make a small group into a bigger one. Now that’s magic!

Building a Reaction – How to take a simple effect and build a great reaction at any table.

Final Effects – Learn what type of effects are the best to close your set with and why!

Watched Ambitious – The perfect finish to any corporate set. A freely chose, Singed card vanishes and reappears under the magicians watch! From the devilish mind of Shaun McCree, this is simply brilliant.

How to Start Out – Simple solutions to help you get working the lucrative field of corporate close up.

Transpo – An easy-to-do effect that’s the perfect opener to any close up set, strolling or table side.

Interview with the Agent – Listen to just what an agents looks for when booking a corporate magician. Words of wisdom from someone that knows!

Websites – Just how important is a great website?

What’s Big Secret? – Our eight experts give their answer to this age-old question and you’ll be surprised at just how simple their secrets really are!
Bonus Feature – Shaun McCree’s Razor Sharp.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 42min


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