Iain has released/been involved with the following products. Not all of them are available from this site – but we’ll tell you where you can get them from. Have a look at some quotes for these and Iain’s work in general, from magicians and the magic press here.


Ebooks (Instant Download)
Eyes Wide Open (Iain’s Lecture Notes)
The Aces Pop/Snap, Crackle & Pop
England Up Close (compiled by Peter Duffie)

Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks vol 2
Iain Moran Lecture DVD
Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks
Covert Magic
The Cullfather
Corporate Close-up 2 (with Harry Robson, Iain Moran, et al)

Hole Sensation
Snapped (Cameron Francis)
The Light (Chris Congreave)

Ego Magazine – Iain Moran Issue

Iain has had his work published in Magic Magazine, MagicSeen and has also appeared in DVDs with John Bannon, Stephen Tucker, John Carey, Dave Forrest & George McBride.

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