snappedYou begin by removing a photograph of four Aces – your ‘lucky’ Aces – and having it examined. A card is selected and signed before being buried back into the middle of the deck. You explain that the photo will reveal the suit of the selection. You give it a shake and the Ace of Hearts visibly turns face down in the picture! You proceed by PULLING A FULL SIZED PLAYING CARD OUT OF THE PHOTO leaving an empty space where it once was! The card is placed on a spectator’s hand. You snap your fingers over it and the card is revealed to be the signed selection. This super commercial, off-beat effect is easy to do and VISUALLY STUNNING! Your spectators just won’t know what’s hit them!

The DVD features a ‘secret hidden menu’ – if you can find it, you’ll unlock yet more content and access three different approaches to ‘Snapped’ by Iain Moran, Stephen Tucker & Dave Forrest.

Included are:

  • Three bicycle gaff cards required for the ‘Snapped’ effect
  • Snapped Photos – Professionally printed artwork on glossy, split back stock shows four Aces in atmospheric ‘card table’ setting
  • A spare set of SNAPPED photo’s for when you wear out the first set
  • Big Snapped – This is a second version of SNAPPED – it’s a bit bigger and employs a very cool ‘switch envelope’ designed by Cameron
  • Bonus Effects – Cameron performs and explains three never before released card effects in his own inimitable style!


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