In June 2001 José Muñiz began publishing a Card Magic E-zine, called ‘Ego’. The contributors were a venerable ‘who’s who’ of magic, including: Roy Walton, JK Hartman, Jack Carpenter, Peter Duffie, David Regal, Paul Wilson, Josh Jay, Steve Draun, Sol Stone, James Swain, David Solomon, amongst others.

Iain was thrilled when asked to contibute and his material appeared in 3 of the issues. In fact issue #5 was made up entirely of Iain’s magic.

The E-zine was available by invitation only, so was kept under the radar from most magicians. Even now, 12 years on you won’t find them openly for sale. However, they can be found on Jason Alford’s The Second Deal website. If you’re not currently a member, you will need a current member to sponsor you before you can join.

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