the-cullfatherYour chance to harness one of the most devastating weapons in the magician’s arsenal! Complete, step by step training in the art of culling from Iain Moran – a true master of the move!

The Cullfather  DVD is the first in a new series of DVD’s called ULTIMATE WEAPONS. Each one will teach you a devastating piece of magical skill.

And when we say teach, we mean TEACH. 13 in-depth lessons. Beginner to Expert. An hour’s worth of tutorials that will show you every facet of this incredible move.


  • Cull One Card
  • Mistakes
  • Culling to Specific Locations
  • Culling from Awkward Positions
  • Culling Multiple Cards
  • Mistakes – Part 2
  • Controlling via Culling
  • Forcing via Culling
  • Setting Up via Culling
  • Culling 2 Cards Next to Each Other
  • Switching via Culling
  • Culling as an Out
  • Culling Face Down Cards


  • Aces on High
  • Dream Card
  • Funny Business
  • Quantum Sandwich
  • Ace Orgy
  • Concrete Sandwich


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“Moran is an excellent teacher and handles the cards beautifully throughout. Simply put, this is the best instructional DVD I have seen on the Cull”
Peter Duffie – Magic Magazine (December 2007)

“I would say that this is a must-have for beginners and a should-have for advanced workers (you will be surprised at what you “thought” you knew). For pros, there is no question The Cullfather will add some jaw-dropping pop to your repertoire. Highly recommended.”
Rolando Santos – The Linking Ring (November 2007)

“I have known Iain since he was a teenager (he used to buy tricks off me in those days!) and so it was great to see him present the magic on this DVD with such skill and lucidity.”
Mark Leveridge – Magic Seen Magazine (July 2007)

“I had never heard of Iain Moran – a subject of the British Empire – until I received this DVD. As a result, I was unaware of his qualifications for teaching these concepts. I’m happy to say that having heard of him or not doesn’t matter, just watching him work proves he’s got the chops and it turns out that he’s a pretty good teacher as well.”
Dustin Stinett – Genii Magazine (September 2007)

I’ve been trying to learn to cull cards for almost two decades. Within the first three minutes of this DVD, I had learned a critical bit of information that finally put this move within my grasp.
Bryce Kuhlman –

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