covert-magicOn DVD for the very first time, acclaimed UK magician Iain Moran unleashes the very best material from his professional repertoire on this exclusive DVD. Moran has won the Order Of Magi’s ‘Close-Up Magician Of The Year’ award TWICE, and he is one of the only non-Italians to be given a close up magic award at Club Magico Italiano.

Watch with mouth agape as a selected card eerily moves on its own accord from a spread deck! Marvel at the unbelievably visual ‘Snap, Crackle & Pop’! Shake your head in disbelief at Iain’s multi phase ‘3 Fly’ routine – ‘Coin-ageddon!’

Now you too can learn the most prized effects and routines of an award winning professional on Iain Moran – Covert Magic.


However, several of the routines are featured on Iain’s Lecture DVD & his Lecture Notes.

“Iain Moran has a delightful new DVD with great, practical card material. I liked it a lot.”
Joshua Jay

“Iain’s DVD’s are well produced, with some hard hitting, well thought out, usable magic.”
Joel Givens

“Mr Moran is an unassuming, well mannered and tremendously creative card magician. If this excellent disc is representative of the products to come from Big Blind Media, then I’ll be quite interested to see what comes next.
Joe M. Turner – Genii Magazine (June 2007)

“Covert Magic”, a DVD by Iain Moran, is packed with commercial, mind-blowing magic that really has to be seen to be believed and that’s about as profound a compliment as you can give a magic video.

If it sounds like I’m really high on “Covert Magic”, it’s because I am. This is a grand collection of magic that shows some delightfully clear and wonderful thinking.”
Shane –

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