This DVD was produced 3 years ago and, until now, has only been sold at Iain’s lectures. It is by no means the quality of a Big Blind Media or RSVP production, but it is certainly adequate.

It features 10 routines – half of the material originally appeared on the now unavailable Covert Magic and the others are appearing on DVD for the very first time.

This is Iain’s version of a superb effect by Jason Dean. Josh Jay published this in Magic Magazine a few years ago and is a highlight of Iain’s lectures.

Transforming Triumph
Iain’s version of a classic Derek Dingle routine which many believe to be the best ever published.

Banded Sandwich*
Another of Iain’s routines from Magic Magazine. Based on the work of Jean-Pierre Vallarino. It is truly impossible and very easy to do!

Surprising Rising
This is one of the easiest and most commercial rising card effects around. A card is selected and returned to the deck. The cards are spread on the floor, and one card slowly moves out from the spread: the selection. It’s as clean as that. Can be performed with a borrowed deck.

Hole Sensation*
One of Iain’s best creations. First released almost 15 years ago and finally appearing on DVD. See a demo here!

Kick to the Head
Two aces are placed to one side while two selections are made then replaced. The face up aces instantly trap two face down cards between them, which the spectators remove only to discover that they are the two aces. They look back at the magician who is holding the 2 selections. If you think you already know this effect, make sure you see this!

Kicked Three Times*
This is the routine Iain has used to fool magicians, for the past few years. The less said about this routine, the better. Shhh!

The Covert Card
A signed selection is placed amongst four queens, where it instantly vanishes, without trace. A mystery card, placed to one side at the start of proceedings, is turned over. It’s the spectators signed card.

Easy to Find*
A commercial sandwich routine with a surprise ending.

Card Highway
Four signed cards change places with four cards previously placed in the performer’s pockets. Iain has been using this to close his act for years. This is probably the easiest version of this modern classic.

*Appearing on DVD for the first time
Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes

£15.00 (Including Worldwide Postage)

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